Can you trust Walsall escort services

When it comes to hiring an escort, it’s vital to choose an agency you can trust. Not just for your own satisfaction and safety, but for your legal protection and the safety of the escorts involved. Like any business, escorting has its dark side, and it can take a little insight to ensure that your agency of choice is operating in a safe, above-board way.

Walsall escorts

Sex work, and especially escorting, is a shadowy business that has an unusual relationship with statistics. While other employment sectors massage numbers to their advantage, escorts rarely have the advantage of good PR, and the illegal nature of sex work means that what numbers do exist tend to emerge from law enforcement attitudes. Not only does this mean that sex work is often defined by its darkest elements, but it also renders the lighter parts of the business ironically unseen – a decent escort agency that treats clients and workers well is far less likely to ever be acknowledged, ironically rendering it invisible in the larger discussion of sex work as a whole.

Despite this, there’s no denying that there is genuine darkness to escorting, and many Walsall escorts may exist among the darkest elements of the business. One investigation carried out by the Express and Star identified Walsall as the area in the West Midlands with the second-highest number of sex trafficking victims, suggesting that anyone hiring escorts in Walsall is at risk of contributing to this despicable trade.

Speaking on this issue, MEP Bill Etheridge said, “It is just incredibly sad. The people involved are told a complete lie and then they are going through awful experiences. It must be highlighted. This is the reality when the borders are not properly controlled. This is the human face and sickening truth when people talk about border control and security. It is a necessity to know who is coming to our country and why, making sure that these young girls are looked after and not falling in to the hands of gangs.”

While many have hit back at Etheridge’s comments as a vile attempt to weaponise the abuse of women as a tool in anti-immigration rhetoric, there’s no denying that sex trafficking is an aspect of Walsall’s sex trade. If you’re looking for an escort in Walsall, here’s what to avoid!

Unsolicited offers of unprotected sex are a major red flag, as this puts sex workers at major risk, and is something that individual escorts tend to negotiate on a client-by-client basis rather than offering as a blanket assumption. It can also help to keep an eye on mass influxes of specific nationalities to the sex work scene in your area. This is because certain groups are more likely to be targeted by sex traffickers, with Romanian women the most likely to be affected. Obviously, one or two Romanian women isn’t cause for alarm, but if a group of Romanian women (or an influx of women from similar areas) are suddenly listed on an agency’s website, it’s worth asking how and why they all became active at once. If you DO see suspicious activity, don’t hesitate to call the police, who will be happy to turn a blind eye to the source of information that frees young women from modern slavery.